Friday, March 10, 2017


Tokelau is an island country in the southern Pacific Ocean that consists of three tropical coral atolls (from the northwest, Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo, as well as Swains Island which is governed as part of merican Samoa) with a combined land area of 10 km2 (4 sq mi) and a population of approximately 1,400. Its capital rotates yearly between the three atolls. Tokelau lies north of the Samoan Islands, Swains Island being the nearest, east of Tuvalu, south of the Phoenix Islands, southwest of the more distant Line Islands, and northwest of the Cook Islands. Until 1976, the official name was Tokelau Islands.
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One Of The Perfect Cover :
First Cover From TOKELAU:
My friend JP send me this nice cover. He is the joy of my collection. And, He is one of the very nice friend too. He send me few more very nice cover from some rare country. I become so happy after get this cover. This is my First cover from TOKELAU.
This one is so special for my collection. I like to see the clear postmark on the cover. I like those nice stamps. Thank you JP for send me this very nice cover.  

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