Sunday, January 11, 2015



Martinique is an island in the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean Sea, with a land area of 1,128 square kilometres (436 sq mi) and a population of 386,486 inhabitants (as of Jan. 2013). Like Guadeloupe, it is an overseas region of France, consisting of a single overseas department. One of the Windward Islands, it is directly north of Saint Lucia, northwest of Barbados, and south of Dominica.

As with the other overseas departments, Martinique is one of the twenty-seven regions of France (being an overseas region) and an integral part of the French Republic. As part of France, Martinique is part of the European Union, and its currency is the euro. The official language is French, although many of its inhabitants also speak Antillean Creole.
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Cover :

First cover from MARTINIQUE :
One of The Perfect Cover in My Collection :
This is my first cover from Martinique. I become very happy after get this one. This is one of my perfect cover too.
At first i collect those stamp. And, then make ready this cover to send Martinique for send me back. A special thanks to the postman. For those clear postmark. I like to see clear postmark on the cover. The postman did a very nice job. And, this postmark is so interesting. Please, take a look at the postmark. The date and the post office name are in reverse position. It is very different. And, this is my second cover of 2015.