Monday, February 17, 2014



Greenland is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark, located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Though physiographically a part of the continent of North America, Greenland has been politically and culturally associated with Europe (specifically Norway and later Denmark) for more than a millennium. In 2008, the people of Greenland passed a referendum supporting greater autonomy; 75% of votes cast were in favour. Greenland is, in terms of area, the world's largest island, over three-quarters of which is covered by the only contemporary ice sheet outside of Antarctica. With a population of 56,370 (2013), it is the least densely populated country in the world.
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Cover :

This is my first cover from Greenland. The Greenland post office send me this cover. They use 2 nice stamps to send me this cover. And, the postmark is clear. I like to see clear postmark on the cover. I become so happy after get this cover. Thanks a lot for send me this cover.