Me and My Collection

I am from a little south-east country, called Bangladesh. I like to collect cover and postcard from over the world. And, I am collecting from a long time. I start my collection by collecting coin. But, now I am collecting cover and postcard. And, I am enjoying my new collection.

I think to start a blog to show my cover collection. And, I start this blog. Here in this blog it is showing my "COVER COLLECTION". hope you all will enjoy your's time in my blog.

I like the cover or postcard with bird and flower stamp on it. But, I enjoy all of my cover and postcard with clear postmark on it. I always like to see the postmark clear on the cover or postcard. It is very important for my collection. 

I think every collector also like to and want to see clear postmark on there cover ans postmark. But, It is true that maximum time I get with poor postmark.

about the cover, I always like to get 11/16 cm white cover with clear postmark. And, about the postcard, I like to get night view postcard.

In my personal life i am a freelance Artist. I complete my post-graduation on Sculpture in the university.  And, now want to be a Sculptor. 

Now i am a freelance artist. I am enjoying my life as a artist. I participate in exhibition. And, always try to pick new idea. And, also want to do something new with my artwork. 

I like to make my art works by metal. Specially I like Brass. But, I do work by Bronze, Aluminum, Iron and Copper. I also work by Stone, Fiberglass, Glass and few other media. 
But, I feel better to work by Brass. It may tough to work by metal. But, I knew a lot of technique from my teacher at University. And, by those technique it become easy to work by metal. I did many sculpture by different kind of metal. And, I want to do many in future too.

I like to pick my artworks subject from mythology. First I try to study about my subject. And, then I move to work. Our mythology is full with arts element. And, I like to work on those stories. I also influenced by exhibits of the “Varendra Resource Museum, Rajshahi, Bangladesh”. To visit my artwork click here.

I also like to do experimental artworks. Nature is the inspiration of my experimental works. And, my teacher’s generous guidance also had a major influence to create my own style of experimental artworks. I also like to work by Clay and mixed media.

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