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Transnistria (also called Trans-Dniestr or Transdniestria) is a breakaway state located mostly on a strip of land between the River Dniester and the eastern Moldovan border with Ukraine. Since its declaration of independence in 1990, and especially after the War of Transnistria in 1992, it is governed as the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR, also known as Pridnestrovie) a state with limited recognition that claims territory to the east of the River Dniester, and also to the city of Bender and its surrounding localities located on the west bank, in the historical region of Bessarabia. The terms "Transnistria" and "Pridnestrovie" both reference the Dniester River.
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Cover :

My friend Andras send me this coverI become so happy after get this cover. This is my second cover from Transnistria. The post mark clear. I like to see the clear postmark on the cover. Transnistria have there stamps. But, they cannot use those stamps for international mail. Thank u Andras for send me this nice cover.

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