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officially the Republic of Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) off the southeast coast of the African continent. The country includes the islands of Mauritius, Rodrigues (560 kilometres (350 mi) east of the principal island), the islands of Agalega and the archipelago Saint Brandon. Mauritius claims sovereignty over the Chagos Archipelago situated 1,287 kilometres (800 mi) to the north east; the United Kingdom excised the archipelago from Mauritian territory prior to Mauritius' independence and gradually depopulated it. The islands of Mauritius, Rodrigues and RĂ©union, 170 km (110 mi) south west, form part of the Mascarene Islands. The area of the country is 2040 km2. Its capital is Port Louis.
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Cover :

My friend T. Tegally send me this cover. She use few very nice stamps to send me this cover. At last i get the cover with clear postmark. This is my second cover from there. I become so happy after get this cover. I like to see the clear postmark on the cover. I like those nice stamps too. Thank u Tegally for send me this nice cover.

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